About us

Wolf Pup is a UK-based fancy dress company that aims to bring good quality fancy dress costumes to every child out there.

Wolf Pup Clothing was started in July 2020 by a mum who, just like you, struggled to find quality fancy dress costumes that wouldn’t break after the first wear. Many costumes were made with cheap fabrics that were uncomfortable, looked low quality, and would never last longer than the first fancy dress party.

We knew that this wasn’t good enough for any of the passionate parents out there, so we took it upon ourselves to create the costumes we knew our own children would love and share them with customers across the UK.

From that point, Wolf Pup has continued to grow into the business you see today, stocking a vast variety of character-inspired dress-up costumes for all children.

Fancy dress that encourages your child’s imagination

There’s nothing that warms our hearts more than watching our little ones doing their favourite dance, acting out scenes from their favourite movie, or dressing up as one of their most-loved book characters. 

At Wolf Pup, we’re passionate about encouraging every child to be creative and enjoy play through the eyes of their favourite characters. Dressing up is a fun and stimulating way for your child to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds of princesses, superheroes, and aliens – and we’ve got the perfect costumes to help them do this.

From the perfect princess dress to wear to a party, to exciting sci-fi-inspired costumes, Wolf Pup offers a range of costumes that are sure to let your child’s imagination run wild.

In our online store, you’ll find a selection of beautiful garments that will bring joy to your child’s day. From accessories and aprons to dresses and swimsuits, we’ve got everything your child could need to play dress-up inspired by their favourite characters.

Costumes for kids, perfect for any occasion

No matter if you’re looking for Halloween costumes or the perfect princess dress for your little one to wear to their next birthday party, at Wolf Pup we have a wide range of costumes that are perfect for any occasion – even if they just want to wear their new outfit around the house!

At Wolf Pup, we guarantee speedy delivery on every order and promise that all our costumes are high-quality and will last you much longer than other costumes you can find on the market.

If you’re not happy with your items, our friendly customer service team are always on hand to help out, plus we offer free returns on every order.

High-quality costumes, that won’t break the bank

We don’t believe that high-quality costumes have to come with a high price tag, which is why we keep our prices as low and transparent as possible.

Here at Wolf Pup, we’re also taking steps to keep prices low and minimise our waste through our After 12 series. This features a selection of items that didn’t make it home by 12 and, although they might have a stitch gone missing or askew, you can get them at a discounted price.

It’s all about the customers at Wolf Pup and we’re dedicated to creating the best costumes for you and your child. So, start browsing our website today and inspire your child’s imagination through dress-up.