Aspire Ballet Case Study

Aspire Ballet, Belfast

Ariel fancy dress costume dance show competition

Aspire Ballet provides fun, relaxed ballet classes for all ages and abilities in  Belfast. Each year, it presents a summer show for children and parents to come together to celebrate their little one’s dance
achievements. See case study PDF here.


For the parents and children of Aspire Ballet School in Belfast, the 2022 summer show would be an extra special occasion. It would be the first show since the  pandemic lockdowns put a halt to the annual event. Aimee, the founder of Aspire Ballet, was determined to make the show’s return better than ever.
She reached out to Wolf Pup clothing about the possibility of supplying some of the costumes for the show. When Aimee discovered that Wolf Pup could help by creating a special area for her ballet school on the Wolf Pup website, she was delighted. It meant parents could quickly and easily order the costumes direct.


Aimee simply shared a special link to the Wolf Pup website with the parents of the children in her dance classes. Parents could immediately see the costumes
that would be worn in the show. The link also entitled them to a 10% discount and free express delivery.
“All the parents were happy with how it worked,” reports Aimee, “I know some ordered extra costumes that their children liked!” “It was great for me too because it meant that I could put all my focus into the dancing and organising the show.”


Aimee says, “In previous years, I had to order any costumes in advance myself. It was a lot to organise and it tied up a lot of cash. It was an admin nightmare! Plus, I often ended up with costumes left over. By then, it would be too late to return them. So it could work out very expensive for me.”
Because with Wolf Pup the parents order the costumes themselves, this year Aimee was able to avoid all those headaches.
Each class that danced in the show required its own costume. The toddler classes were dancing to Mickey’s Clubhouse music, so they needed Minnie Mouse costumes. Older children needed a range of costumes, including Anna from Frozen, the Little Mermaid and Moana.
Aimee says, “This year has been amazing. It’s brilliant that Wolf Pup has been able manage all of it for me. It’s saved me so much time and money. Finding Wolf Pup has been fantastic.”
The children and parents loved the quality of the costumes that Wolf Pup supplied.


Unfortunately, a few parents left it a bit late to order their dresses. Thankfully, Aimee found that Wolf Pup stepped up to help.
“I got in touch with Wolf Pup to explain,” Aimee says, “And the costumes came straight away. Wolf Pup has been so easy to communicate with throughout. It’s been great!”
The show was a huge success. As well as enjoying a wonderful programme of dances with fabulous costumes, the daddy and daughter dance raised more than £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Aimee says, “I know there are a lot of other dance schools who work the way I used to. I would highly recommend they switch to Wolf Pup. It’s a lot easier and more cost effective.”
“In fact, I’d recommend Wolf Pup even if you don’t need show costumes because they are very reliable and their clothes are great.”

The Wolf Pup mission
As a mother, there is nothing that warms my heart more than watching my little one do the same dance routine over and over. I love it when she screams out the ballad from a movie we have watched together many, many times! It is our desire to create these wonderful moments that drives Wolf Pup to provide beautiful handmade garments that will bring joy to your child’s day. We sell dresses that are not only great quality, but inspiring.

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